Website Design Process

Our simple straight forward process ensures we deliver.

STEP-1 Discovery

We’ll talk with you, asking a lot of questions in order to fully understand your business, customers, market, and your ultimate goal for your website.

It’s a critical step in the process and sets the foundation for a successful project.

STEP-2 Planning

There’s a lot of moving parts to a website and making sure all those pieces are in the right place starts here.

Spending the necessary time upfront is a proven “best practice” that will save time & money in the long run.


STEP-3 Design

Here’s where it really starts coming together and the fun begins as we visually get our first look.

We’ll take what we’ve learned in the discovery and planning steps, transforming that into a design that looks awesome and functions just like it should.



STEP-4 Development

This is where we take the design and actually make it work within the WordPress environment.

A considerable amount of time is spent during this step making code edits and testing, so we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

STEP-5 Launch

After all the hard work together, it’s finally time to launch the website.

We’ll work with you to make sure we’ve checked off all the boxes to make sure your website is perfect and ready for a successful launch.

STEP-6 Maintain

Often overlooked, taking the steps to properly maintain your website is critical to protecting your investment, company, and brand.

Rest easy because we’ve got you covered with fully managed maintenance plans created just for you.

Pick the plan right for you.

Our plans fit any size business.

*The client will provide all content and images in advance of starting the website build.

*Domain name purchase and/or registration are not included, however, can be provided for an additional charge.

*Upgrades available on ALL base website packages (additional charges apply)

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